The Impact of One | A Reflection on 2023

December 31, 2023

When I founded 28:19 Ministries a little over four years ago, I could never have imagined a year like 2023. I could never have imagined the nations God would use this ministry to impact, the people He would connect us with, or the plans that He had for us! Through the work God is doing through 28:19 Ministries, I have encountered a God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than I could have ever imagined!

Over the last twelve months, 28:19 Ministries has served more than 5,600 volunteer hours both locally and abroad, doubling the hours we served in 2022! From sorting yard sale items to raise money to packing life-saving aid at World Help, to praying over a child in Belize, the impact of our volunteers is real. Especially, when this impact is matched with the unprecedented generosity of our donors that has made the growth and expansion of our ministry possible throughout 2023. Our volunteers and donors have made an eternal difference in countless lives! 

I want to introduce you to one life that has been particularly impacted by the investment 28:19 Ministries has made in 2023. Sharlette is a mom of two boys from a rural village in Southern Belize. This past July, she attended our Transformed Women’s Conference, because a woman in the USA sponsored her. At the conference, she heard testimonies from our team members about the way God gives them strength and power through suffering and how He gives hope and peace in the darkest moments. God had her there for a reason, because she had been facing some of her darkest days. After she witnessed the Living Hope that is available in Christ, she sent me this message, 

“Thank you for choosing Pomona. I am really honored to have met you. I thank God for bringing you into my life. I suffered for 15 years and I have been in a really dark place.”

At the end of the Mission Experience in July, we hosted a Night of Worship. Over 200 people attended, more than 17 people accepted Jesus, and many were physically healed. Sharlette was one of those people. On July 14, 2023, Sharlette surrendered her life to God, and He healed her of the pain that she had been suffering from for years. She would never be the same!

On that same night, God called a local pastor, Pastor Lord, to serve alongside 28:19 Ministries to minister and continue discipleship in Pomona (the village I have loved for more than a decade now). Pastor Lord hosts a weekly gathering, affectionately called “The Gathering,” for 15 to 30 people to worship, build community, and discover the Word in a fresh and relevant way. Sharlette is one of these people. Because of our donors, Sharlette’s walk with Christ is ongoing as she attends The Gathering, weekly discipleship class, and weekly Bible study. She gained new hope in the testimonies she heard at the Women’s Conference. She gained new life in the salvation and healing she received at the Night of Worship. She gained a new family in the community that has formed with The Gathering. 

Sharlette is a vivid example of a heart transformed by the work that God has called 28:19 Ministries to – to go and make disciples in Jesus’ name. You can hear directly from Ms Sharlette here. I could tell you about countless other lives impacted by the work of 28:19 Ministries. But I want to thank you for the part you have played in making our ministry possible for the one. You may have supported a woman, teen girl or boy for the programs this summer. You may have purchased ministry items from our Amazon Wishlist. You may have given financial support to 28:19 Ministries. You may have served some of the 5,600+ hours. You may have purchased one of our children’s books. It takes all of this to make ministry happen. 

Ministry is heart work! At times it is difficult to ask for financial support, but with the evidence of God’s faithfulness as He multiplies our efforts, it seems wrong not to ask. It seems wrong not to invite you to join the work He is accomplishing through 28:19 Ministries in each individual heart. When we give our offering, God blesses it, multiplies it, and the Kingdom grows!

With great anticipation for all that God will do in 2024! Click here for a message from me.

Amy Gordon, President and Founder of 28:19 Ministries

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