An Opportunity to See His Kingdom at Work

December 12, 2023

Joy is the collective laughter of 300 primary students. Joy is the Christmas card filled with just the words you need. Joy is the taste of an over-iced, over-sprinkled Christmas cookie. 

And yet, joy is so much more than Christmas cheer. In the past month, joy has been our mission, because we believe that joy is our active response to the gift of salvation. 

Psalm 98 displays this joy, a joy that remembers the work of salvation, “The Lord has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations.”

This is the joy we, at 28:19 Ministries, have witnessed with the release of our first children’s book, our recent trip in Belize, and the upcoming launch of the English Learning Community. 

The Great Rescue Plan is the true story of God’s forever love that culminated with the gift of His Son. In the past month, God has used this story to share His Good News in homes and families throughout the USA, with local preschool classes, and with more than 200 families in Belize. As we hear stories of children around the world encountering Immanuel this season, we are filled with gratitude for the truth this story contains. Our God has conquered all to rescue us and, because of the generosity and support of so many, we were able to share this truth with our friends in Belize.

God provided so many opportunities to share true joy during our most recent visit to Belize. In a school yard filled with more than 300 children, Madison shared the true story of salvation through a reading of The Great Rescue Plan. A story that was gifted to more than 200 families, so they can continue to discover the depth of His love for all people. At a Christmas Candlelight held on the same, grassy soccer field where hundreds worshiped together in July, a crowd of sixty people gathered together to proclaim Jesus at the center of it all. God moved in large gatherings and intimate moments, to bring us all closer to surrender. As we held our candles in the dark valley or decorated ornaments at the Christmas party, we were thankful for the vision God gave us of His joy. A joy that was meant for all people, near and far.

As we prepare for the launch of our English Learning Community in January 2024, this is the vision we are inviting you into – a God who welcomes, pursues, rescues, dies for, serves ALL people. Henrico County is one of the most diverse counties in all of Virginia, with residents representing more nations than any neighboring counties. It is not lost on us that God would base our ministry, with a focus to serve the nations, in one of the most diverse counties. Through this English Learning Community, we want to invite you to engage with people and cultures that are not like you. Through conversations, you can offer the practical tool of language practice, while sharing the joy of salvation. 

We believe this experience is an opportunity to see God’s Kingdom at work (Revelation 7:9-10), and we want to invite you to join us.


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