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The Great Commission was Jesus’ last words spoken on this earth and He used them for two important commands, “GO & MAKE.” Matthew 28:19 says, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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What began as a 3-year partnership between a local church and missionaries in Belize has grown into so much more. Year after year, our founder and her daughters traveled to the same village and grew relationships with the same people. When the local church decided to stop sending a team to Belize, our founder was called to start a non-profit. She knew in her spirit that the Gospel was still needed there. The work of God was not finished. Feeling the pressure of not knowing what steps to take, God gave her Psalm 32:8. It says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go…” In August 2019, 28:19 Ministries was born in response to the Great Commission - to go and make disciples. The process to form a non-profit, which should have taken months, was completely done in less than one month. God made a way where it seemed impossible.

Although 28:19 Ministries is only a few years old, we have more than a decade-long history with this one rural village in Belize. Even after 10 years, it has never been more clear that the Gospel is still needed and that the people there are ready to hear it. In just a few years, God has done abundantly more than we could have asked or imagined (Epheisans 3:20). What started as an outlet for Belize missions has grown into partnerships with a local humanitarian organization and a missionary in Nigeria and Egypt. We’ve hired a pastor in Belize and our first full time employee. In January 2024, we’ll launch an English Learning Community. We believe that the Gospel has the power to change the world. Whether you’re called to go in your own city or called to hop on a plane, we believe that the Great Commission is a call to all believers.

The call to go and make disciples isn’t just for us, it’s for you too.


Hand in hand, we can change the world. It only takes obedience to His call - go & make.


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When Jesus wanted to share a spiritual truth with others, He would veil the heart of His message in a relatable story about life. He always knew His audience. As a ministry, we want to follow His lead and share the Good News in a way that is understandable to our learners. With that in mind, we write and design unique curriculum for our ministries whether it’s the Family Bible Adventure Camp, Transformed Women’s Conference, or our local ministry. We want everyone to have the opportunity to know the Gospel.


Through relationships, we are given the right and opportunity to share our faith with one another. Our ministry began out of a decade-long relationship with a tiny, rural village in Belize. Not only do the members of the village know our names, they also know about our lives, and we know theirs. This reciprocity is an invitation that extends to every team member of our Mission Experience, every partner, and every donor. We show up for the long haul, not only for those we serve, but also for those we serve alongside and those we partner with.


28:19 Ministries believes the Great Commission is for every follower of Jesus! However, we know how difficult that call is to answer with the pressures and demands of this world. As a ministry, we want to give every follower the opportunity to say YES - the single mother, the college student, the grandfather, etc! Through fundraisers and generous partners, finances has never prevented a 28:19 Ministries missionary from responding to God’s call. We encourage our missionaries to take a step of faith and watch God work miracles, and that’s exactly what He has done over and over.


28:19 Ministries never wants to miss an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus. For this reason, every time we serve, we do it in Jesus’ name, so our purpose and motivation is always evident. We believe every moment is an opportunity to make disciples. During the Mission Experience, each team member is challenged to stretch and grow their faith with daily time in prayer, worship, and study. As we serve the lost, we want to be growing deeper in our own faith.



Watch the video below to learn more about our heart and our call to Belize.



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28:19 Ministries activates believers to live in response to the great commission.

28:19 Ministries is on a mission to respond to the Great Commission by supporting education, meeting physical needs, and making disciples. Will you be a part of it?

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