We believe the Gospel has the power to change the world. Our mission is to share it.

our impact

You have the opportunity to make an eternal impact with us.

When you serve alongside 28:19 Ministries, you're not just making an impact for one week. You're not just showing up for one serve event. You have the opportunity to impact eternity for a person, a  family, a village. You have the opportunity to impact generations.

Our mission is to see nations, villages, people transformed by the power of the Gospel.



Pastor Lord has partnered with 28:19 Ministries to provide a space for people to experience the presence of God and experience Jesus in an authentic way through a weekly Gathering and ongoing discipleship. This is resulting in real impact and spiritual transformation throughout the community. This is just the beginning.

school partnerships

Supporting primary education is one of our pillars at 28:19 Ministries. Our ministry believes in the transformative power of education to provide hope and uplift communities. This is why we partner with schools in Belize, Nigeria, and Egypt. Our desire is to provide help and hope to the next generation.


Our English Learning Community, launching in Richmond, VA in January 2024, will be a place for people of all nations to come together and learn English. God planted 28:19 Ministries in the most diverse county in all of Central Virginia, calling us to the nations. We believe that the Gospel will spread to closed nations through this community.


When you join hands with 28:19 Ministries by going or giving, our impact is multiplied.


People attending The Gathering in Belize each week


Countries supported through aid and financial support


Families supported throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with groceries and hygiene products


Lives impacted during the Mission Experience

Sharlette's story

"I am really honored to have met you. I thank God for bringing you into my life. I suffered for 15 years and I have been in a really dark place.”

Sharlette is a vivid example of a heart transformed by the work that God has called 28:19 Ministries to - to go and make disciples in Jesus’ name. Sharlette’s walk with Christ is ongoing as she attends The Gathering, weekly discipleship class, and weekly Bible study. She gained new hope in the testimonies she heard at the Women’s Conference. She gained new life in the salvation and healing she received at the Night of Worship. She gained a new family in the community that has formed with The Gathering. 

impacting eternity

Since that night, the hunger has only grown. The people have yearned for more and more of God's presence.  On that night, God called a local pastor to partner with us. He has faithfully traveled to Pomona each week so others can experience God.

Together, we're able to provide a space for people to experience the presence of God and experience Jesus in an authentic way through a weekly Gathering and ongoing discipleship. This is resulting in real impact and spiritual transformation throughout the community. 

During our 2023 Mission Experience, we hosted our first ever Night of Worship on a football field in the community we serve each year. That night, lives were radically changed and there was a hunger that was seemingly tangible. 

More than 17 people surrendered their lives to Christ that night. Five people were instantly healed. And in one night, God has changed this valley for His glory.  28:19 Ministries was marked by what God did that night on the football field.  It was only the beginning.



EMILY'S story

"I was lost, but now I see. Before Belize, I was searching for God — for a sign, for anything. I honestly was to a point where I was dreading the trip because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t think I would really make an impact in the community. BUT GOD! He revealed to me that His people are everywhere, that just because someone may look or be different, doesn’t mean I can’t minister and create a true friendship with them. I came out of my shell, shared my testimony (something I never do). God has lit a fire in my heart once again, and this time I won’t let it burn out.

Belize was unexpected, unbelievable, and unreal in so many ways. From the Family Camp, to the Women’s Conference, to the Boys’ Small Group, so much planning and thought went into the curriculum to create experiences that weren’t only life-changing for the families, but for me as well. This being my first Mission Trip, I have nothing to compare it to, but I don’t think it would compare to anything — there’s nothing like the community that has been created by 28:19; the children and the adults saw us as family, true forever friends. I truly cannot express how wonderful the trip was for me. God is moving in Belize through 28:19, and He is moving fast."


Watch the video below to see a recap of our most recent Mission Experience to Belize.

28:19 Ministries activates believers to live in response to the great commission.

28:19 Ministries is on a mission to respond to the Great Commission by supporting education, meeting physical needs, and making disciples. Will you be a part of it?

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