Why Would He Fail Now?

July 18, 2022

It’s been a full day and it’s not over yet! We got an early start to our day this morning to catch our flight in Belize City. We threw our suitcases in the van, grabbed a quick to-go breakfast from the Macaroni (johnny cakes and powder buns), and said goodbye to our friends Daniela and Hez. We split up between Mr. Todd’s truck and our van and went to meet the rest of the teams leaving today at the campground. We pulled into the campground and went to sit down for a few minutes until it was time to pull out. We loaded up Clifton’s bus and left for the airport. Things started out smoothly as we drove down Coastal Road. Not long after we turned onto George Price Highway, one of the tires on our bus blew. We heard a loud pop and weren’t sure what happened, but we knew we were safe. It could have been so much worse, but God was protecting us and Clifton kept us safe. Clifton and one of the other team’s leaders went out to look at the damage. We were able to drive a little further up the road to fix it in a safer location. When they got out to look closer, they realized it was more than just the one tire that was compromised. Not even five minutes after we pulled over, Zane (the other KK4J bus driver) pulls up right in front of us! He was on his way home from dropping another group off at the airport and saw us pulled over. He had no idea that we had just blown a tire. God is good!! Because our flight was about three hours from takeoff at this point, they decided it would be best for us to get on Zane’s bus and for him to take us to the airport. While Clifton was working on fixing the tire, he injured his head. But God provides! Jennifer is a nurse on our team and was able to fix him right up! We got on Zane’s bus and we started to park the bus in a way that we could transfer luggage easily. When we went to turn the bus around, it got stuck in a ditch — now both buses are immovable. We exited the bus and stood on the opposite side of the road. We needed to pray and thank God for his provision. Not even five minutes later, a truck pulled up and wanted to help try to pull our bus out of the ditch. God is faithful! We played some worship music and Firm Foundation came on. The song says, “When everything around me is shaken, I’ve never been more glad that I put my faith in Jesus’ cause He’s never let me down. He’s faithful through generations, so why would He fail now? He won’t.” We looked up to see the bus being pulled from the ditch and we all cheered! God is so good! We got on the bus once more and headed towards the airport. We serve such a faithful God. He kept us safe in a situation that could’ve been much worse and showed off His goodness in a mighty way. We’re so grateful that Clifton and Zane knew exactly what to do to keep us safe. 

I want you to see the beauty of the details. If we had left the campground 5 minutes sooner, Zane would have passed us before our tire blew and so would the truck. We would have been on the side of the road for much longer. God’s faithfulness in action is such a beautiful thing to experience. He is so good. He has gone before us in every situation this week and we are in awe of His goodness. 

When we arrived to the airport, we walked up to the Delta desk in all of our matching yellow shirts. The lady handing out immigration documents said “I remember you!” We can share so many stories about how our matching yellow shirts have sparked conversation this week. When we got to the actual Delta desk, the man standing behind the counter to help us was the same one who helped us get our missing bin at the start of our trip. We serve a big God, but He cares about even the smallest details.

We made it through customs and security at the Belize airport with two hours left until our flight was scheduled to depart, and we thought we’d be late. God goes before us. We had time to pick out some souvenirs and get a snack before boarding the plane.

Our flight to Atlanta was super smooth and we made it through customs and security in record time! We got to our terminal and have spent our 5.5 hour layover grabbing food and relaxing with one another — soaking in our last few hours together as a team. 

This day has felt like a whirlwind, but we’re so excited to get home and share all that God has done this week. I hope you’ve been able to experience God’s goodness and faithfulness through the blog this week. We are so grateful for your prayers and generosity leading up to this trip! See you in Richmond soon!

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  1. Beth says:


  2. Bonté says:

    He is good

  3. Sharon Crosby says:

    God is so good!
    Your trip home gave me good chills
    So glad you are home and safe!

  4. Brittany Manuel says:

    The trip looked amazing and loved following along! God sure does have BIG BIG plans! Thank you for including all of us in the journey! Glad to have you all home and can’t wait to hear all about it!

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