Made In His Image

July 12, 2022

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for!!! Our first day of family camp, the women’s conference, and the boys’ small group was everything we dreamed it would be and more. Before we do a deep dive into what our day looked like, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to each of you that gave money and supplies to make today happen. The smiles on faces — from young kids at camp to the women at the women’s conference — it’s indescribable and so precious. So, thank you for your generosity and for supporting 28:19 Ministries!

We woke up to the sunshine and birds chirping, but the blue skies quickly turned gray and we had a quick 5 minute rainstorm. The sound of the rain hitting the thatched roof was so soothing. We sat and watched the clouds come in and out until it was time for breakfast. This morning we had Johnny cakes, eggs, ham, fruit, and juice. It was delicious and the perfect start to our day! After breakfast, we separated for our quiet time before getting a full speed start to our day. We hopped on the van around 8:45am to drive to the school to prep for camp. We split up into our different stations at St. Matthew’s and set up everything we needed for the day. The buses full of kids arrived around 9:15am and the fun began! The kids were so joyful to be at camp and couldn’t wait to learn about Jesus. Some of our friends, Jonathan and Carlton, who we’ve watched grow up over the past decade, showed up to camp not knowing our team would be leading it. Smiles instantly filled their faces and they couldn’t stop hugging us. They said, “I can’t believe you’re back again! I’ve grown so much since you were last here!” Our hearts are full. Knowing that they missed us just as much as we missed them is the sweetest reminder of why we do this. 

Once each kid was registered and assigned a station, we separated into our different rooms. We had five stations — cinema, minute-to-win-it games, crafts, escape room, and snack — that were each led by members of our team. This year, families traveled camp together and it was so sweet to see them in the stations together. We had over 50 people at camp today and it was SO fun! At the end of the day, I asked one of the kids “Which station was your favorite?” He responded, “Oh miss! That’s too hard, I can’t answer that.” He then took a long pause because he really wanted to give me an answer but responded with, “I can’t answer! I had so much fun!” At 11, the bus driver picked up all of the kids and took them home. We cleaned up from camp and went to set up for the women’s conference before going back to the Macaroni for lunch. We got to use the newest building at St. Matthew’s for the women’s conference – it was absolutely beautiful! It’s so new that it’s not even finished yet, but it was so perfect. We each used our gifts to make it a space that felt welcoming and beautiful for the women. We really wanted the space to feel so special for these women and it really turned out to be so perfect. 

We drove back to the Macaroni for a yummy lunch of meat pies, salad, and powder buns! We sat together at our big, family style table and shared stories from our morning at camp. After lunch, we gathered our supplies and went back to the school for the women’s conference and the boys’ small group. 

As we stood at the school, we saw women walking towards us. Some with strollers and others that had walked with a friend for miles just to be at this conference. Twenty women showed up for the conference in addition to our 11 team members. It was so special to fellowship and worship together. We started our time with prayer and an icebreaker before worship and our message. Kelley delivered such a beautiful message centered around “I am Made in His Image”, and it clearly touched so many hearts. She shared her story and the story of Eve in the Bible. Then, we broke out into small groups, read a devotion, and had a discussion over cookies and juice. It was so precious to hear a room full of conversation between women who practically walked in strangers to one another. They shared so vulnerably and smiles filled their faces. In the past, we’ve done a study and time of fellowship for the teen girls. Seeing so many of the girls from over the years at the women’s conference was another sweet reminder of God’s faithfulness. Seeds planted years ago are still being cultivated and are growing. One girl went up to Amy and said, “I recognize you! You’re Taylor’s mom. How is she?!” Amy turned and said, “She’s right here!” Elenita turned and looked shocked that I was standing right there. She said, “You probably don’t remember me but I was in your group at camp.” I said, “Of course I remember you, Elenita!” It’s been years since we’ve seen each other, but we have a relationship and it’s so precious to know that we have a family here in Belize. At the end of the women’s conference, we did a raffle for door prizes of journals and Bath and Body Works lotions. It was so fun and everyone got so excited when someone won! The sense of community in the room blew us away. God is good.

While all the ladies were at the women’s conference, James and Peyton did a boys small group. They had around 15 boys show up to play soccer and chat about being made in the image of God. It was so great to see all of the boys smiling and having a good time. 

Following our afternoon activities, we went back to the Macaroni to rest until dinner. For dinner, we had beef, vegetable rice, Cole slaw, and lime pie. We also had delicious sweet tea and our team practically finished off the huge jug of it — perfectly sweet! After dinner, we gathered downstairs for God moments, devotions, and worship. We had sweet conversation and fellowship. Tonight we discussed the first chapter of Colossians. Our devotion time as a team is just as important as anything else we do here. Discipleship is one of the main pillars of 28:19 Ministries and we take if very seriously. We know that life change happens within relationships, and that’s what this is about. We each leave this place changed — a newfound purpose, spirit, joy. This team was so beautifully put together by God, and we’re so honored to be a small part in what He’s doing in Belize. 

Now, we’re all snuggled up in bed and cannot wait to see God move again tomorrow. His goodness and faithfulness are so great. Thank you for your prayers and support! We’ll share more tomorrow! 

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  1. Bonté says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day

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  3. Pam Hughes says:

    So beautifully described! What an awesome display of the hands and feet of God in action and Him bringing about a great work ❤️

  4. Carmen says:

    Love the pictures!!

  5. CeCe Snith says:

    This is wonderful and pictures beautiful!

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