Holy Ground

July 15, 2023

WOW! What a DAY! God is so good! Praising Him for His goodness and faithfulness today.

We started our day like every other with breakfast on the rooftop. The peace that exists up there in the mornings takes your breath away. There’s so much to take in and look at. The hummingbirds flying from tree to tree, the way the palm trees blow in the wind, the fluffy clouds passing quickly through the sky — every element holds so much beauty. Our breakfast was so yummy! We had waffles (regular and chocolate), eggs, sliced chicken, cheese, mango, and orange juice.

After breakfast, we had quiet time to start the day. Today’s devo was about finishing strong, and it was so timely as we geared up for our Night of Worship. We had a few field trips scheduled for the morning part of our day! There are a few things you just HAVE to do when you visit.

Our first stop on the field trip was to Marie Sharp’s hot sauce factory. The driveway to Marie Sharp’s is so beautiful and full of the pepper plants they use for their product. We got to shop around for different jams, hot sauces, merch, and more! This is always such a fun stop and one we go crazy at! Some of our team members got little bottles of hot sauce to give to their donors when they get home. We met an employee at Marie Sharp’s whose aunt goes to the church we partnered with for our Night of Worship! How cool!

We left Marie Sharp’s to head straight to The Crossing. This is Kidz Konnect’s property where they have a wood shop, restaurant, church, store, and more! They provide the tools and the space for Belizeans to work. We got to spend some time with one of Kidz Konnect’s founders, David Rhodes, while we were there. We each shopped around a little bit and got a few souvenirs to take back with us.

Our last stop on our field trip was to visit the other grocery shop in Pomona New Site. This shop has a lot more variety, so we shopped around for fun snacks to have today and tomorrow at the Caye. PopTarts were the random item that our team went crazy over. We sold them out of one flavor! 

Our field trips were so fun and allowed us to take the morning a little slower than we have been. We loved getting to spend the morning together as a team.

After our field trips, we came back to the hotel for lunch and rest time before our big event tonight. We had chicken, fried rice, cole slaw, and pineapple juice for lunch and it was perfect. The fried rice is something our team always looks forward to, and today was no different. After lunch, we went to our rooms to rest and prepare our hearts for the Night of Worship event. It was so important to spend some time resting before pouring more out. We spent pockets of time here and there preparing gift bags and snacks for our guest pastors and guest worship team coming in from out of town. We loved getting to use our creativity to pull together a welcoming space for our guests. 

Around 5PM, Pastor Lord and his team arrived at the hotel. We had a team ready to greet them, show them their room, and take them up for dinner. Amy, Madison, and I went with Annamay to the football field where the Night of Worship was happening. Seeing the tent set up with the chairs and stage underneath was overwhelming. We got to meet the Dunamis worship team and chat with them about the night. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to have dinner with our team and Pastor Lord and his team. We had chicken wings (BBQ and fried), herb potatoes, rolls, garden salad, cinnamon rolls, and strawberry juice. We loved getting to know Pastor Lord and his team over dinner. As we finished, the Dunamis team joined us for dinner. 

We went back to the school to start preparing the space for people to arrive. We had 1000 bags of water (yes, bags), children’s Bible story books from one of our partners in Egypt, and candy to pass out. There were a few women who prepared food to sell also. 

Just before 7PM, I stepped back to look at everything from a distance and the sky looked like it was on fire. Before we knew it, people started arriving. Masses of people walking up, driving in, and being dropped off by the bus. It was so beautiful to step back and see people coming from every direction just to be in the presence of Jesus. People even drove in from Dangriga to be there! Before we knew it, there were 200 people underneath the tent and surrounding it. There were so many people that we ran out of chairs! Pastor Tzib preached a message about worshipping the Lord with everything. Pastor Lord shared a message about the Woman at the Well and living water. Both pastors spoke with so much power and humility simultaneously. The Dunamis worship team intertwined worship into the evening. They led us in such beautiful, authentic worship. 

There truly aren’t many words that could adequately describe what God did on that field tonight. This is just the beginning for Pomona. Tonight, we had 200 people in attendance and 16 salvations during our 3 hour Night of Worship! That’s something to be excited about! 16 people gave their lives to Jesus tonight! 16 people started a relationship with Jesus tonight! 16 people made the BEST decision of their lives. Tonight, there was joyful worship, authentic connection, a powerful message, healing, and so much more! Pastor Tzib asked everyone to find someone who was sick and needed to be healed. We got to lay hands on them and pray that they would be healed in Jesus’ name. Tonight, lives were changed. The trajectory of people’s lives was altered. Kids and parents that we’ve known for years started a relationship with Jesus tonight.

There is a woman who lives just next to the football field that has been praying for revival to take place on this field for TWO YEARS. She saw what the field was being used for and knew that God had set it apart as Holy Ground. Tonight, those prayers became a reality. Tonight, we stood on holy ground. God is SO good and SO faithful. 

Like I said, there aren’t many words to describe what happened tonight. God did abundantly more that we could ever ask or imagine. God is good and faithful. He goes before us and prepares a way. He knows the desires of our hearts.

The people here are so hungry for more of this. After we finished, I heard so many people trying to brainstorm how they can make this happen again soon. There’s so many stories of God moving at the Night of Worship that they won’t fit in a blog post. If yo know a team member personally, ask them to share their experience with you. Each interaction tonight was so beautiful and full of joy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share! We love you!

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