Go. Express. Empower. | A Reflection on 2021

January 4, 2022

As I reflect on 2021, I am in awe of God’s faithfulness in the work of 28:19 Ministries. Our mission is to go where we are called in Jesus’ name, expressing our love for Him by serving others and empowering them to take their next step of faith in following Jesus.

Once again in 2021, the GO part was interesting. Making plans for the future was challenging because everything continued to be uncertain. Psalm 119:104 says “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path”. Think of shining a flashlight on a dark path and how it illuminates just enough to take the next step safely. It doesn’t illuminate in full light. You cannot see what is ahead.  This is how 2021 was for 28:19 Ministries. Every step and every decision was based on the little that we could see ahead. Now, at the culmination of a year, it is so good to pause and reflect on what was along the path that we could not see, as we took steps in faithful obedience.

As we began the year not knowing what direction to take, but desperately wanting to Go where we were called and steward what God had entrusted us with, we continued to provide resources of food and hygiene supplies to the village in Belize.  We would send enough money at one time for our ministry partner Annamay to secure groceries to pack bags for about 45 families. 

We also sent support to help St. Matthews Anglican School continue with remote teaching and learning to cover printing costs and other expenses. 

Each month, we looked at what God had blessed us with and took steps to steward it the way God was leading us. We also continued to seek opportunities to serve and empower others to take their next steps of faith. 

In midsummer, Cornerstone Christian Church reached out to let us know that they would like to partner with 28:19 Ministries financially and by serving with us. 

Also in the summer of 2020, my nephew James, who has served with us relentlessly, felt called to the mission field as his next step of faith in Jesus! He has committed to six months with Youth With A Mission and he just launched on his journey in Mazatlan, Mexico. We are thrilled to support him and cannot wait to see all that God has in store!

In July, the 28:19 Mission Experience in Lynchburg partnered with several local non-profits – Parkview Missions, Agape, and World Help.  Our ministry partner, Annamay, from Belize and friends from Cornerstone and Heights Church joined us to serve.  Remember, the flashlight only shows the next step for steady footing.  It was such a blessing for Annamay to serve with us in this way, but what we couldn’t see was that God was doing something new! World Help saw firsthand our partnership with Annamay and our shared passion for Jesus.  God was up to something big! Shortly after our visit to Lynchburg, we met with key leaders at World Help and a partnership was born that connects 28:19 Ministries, World Help, Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus, and Annamay.  Fast forward to the week of Christmas when 272,000 meals were unloaded in Belize meeting the physical needs of the people! 

We also supported the work of World Help financially. As the Afghanistan crisis developed, we knew that World Help had partners positioned to help and that critical resources were getting to people in desperate need. 

In November, thirty one people partnered with 28:19 to package 7,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger. 

It didn’t feel like it in real time, but as I look back and remember how each month we met to discuss and decide what we could give and how to help, it’s like we were giving our two fish and five loaves of bread. We were offering it up knowing that the bag of groceries would only help a little.  But God! He blessed it and it multiplied.  So much so that 279,000 meals in total have been shipped to those who are hungry because we took steps of obedience in the midst of the unknown that was 2021. Obedience unlocks blessing! 

Abundantly more! God is our provider! In November, Heights Church announced that they would partner with 28:19 Ministries and come alongside us to go where we are called in Jesus’ name! 

We are trusting God with the future and find comfort in knowing that He knows the full path and what lies ahead.  For now, we will continue to seek His direction for the next steps of faith that we need to take! 

A major take away from 2021 is that hand in hand we can make a difference! Did you pick up on all of the partnerships I mentioned? We weren’t made to do this alone! Join hands with us! Let’s GO! 

Amy Gordon

Founder and President, 28:19 Ministries


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