A partnership that began in 2012 between a local church and missionaries in Belize has grown into something only God could orchestrate. 

the heartbeat of 28:19 ministries

The Mission Experience is the heartbeat of our ministry. In Matthew 28:19, the last instruction Jesus gives His disciples is to GO and make disciples. Our ministry was founded on that simple command, and the Mission Experience is one of the primary tools we use to GO & MAKE!

Through an immersive, week-long serving opportunity, we invite both our volunteers and the community we serve to experience the transformative power of God. During the Mission Experience, 28:19 Ministries seeks to address each of our three pillars - physical needs, education, and discipleship. Every experience is unique in order to meet the distinct needs of those we are serving and to best utilize the spiritual gifts of our team members.

Our Mission Experience teams have always been a mosaic of different ages, backgrounds, churches, and traditions, but the Holy Spirit brings us together to serve His Kingdom where He calls. 

Discipleship, fellowship, service, and worship are key components of a 28:19 Ministries Mission Experience. While serving others, we want every team member to grow in their personal relationship with God. When we return from where we are called to GO, the discipleship continues. Through short-term experiences, 28:19 Ministries is committed to long-term investment both in those we reach and the team we serve alongside. 

our programs during the mission experience


Since 2013, we've made it a priority to invest in the teenage girls. A group that always shows up but has grown exponentially. Highly Favored dives into the question "Who am I?" Over the course of the week, we learn that we are who God says we are. By looking for our identity in Christ, we are looking in a strong and secure place.


Our Bible Adventure Camp is where it all started. Since our first trip to Belize in 2012, we've spent time investing in the next generation through a week-long VBS style camp. This program is highly anticipated by our team each year as well as the children in the community.


After years of investing in the children of the village we serve, we finally had the opportunity to invest in the adult women in 2022. Our Transformed Women's Conference is a four-day conference that introduces the foundational truths of the Gospel and ways to apply the Good News.


A group that we've worked to reach for years is finally showing up because of the influence of the guys on our mission teams. In 2023, we hosted our first Warriors Challenge Camp. They broke into tribes and completed tasks to win Survivor-themed challenges. From shelter building to scripture memorization - they walked away with God's Word hidden in their hearts.


Our Night of Worship. A night where we offered God a football field and a tent, and He performed miracles. He turned the field into Holy Ground where 200+ gathered, 17 were saved, and 5 were healed. That was just the beginning of life change across Pomona.

TESTIMONY from transformed

"Having 28:19 Ministries visit us and worship with us was truly a blessing, an occasion that will forever be etched in my heart. I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in each member of the team and that alone moved me to tears. Sharing real life issues with women just like myself lifted my spirits in more ways than you can imagine. My main take away was the fact that I have come from a long line of broken women, but by God's mercies I am able to break that cycle for my sons, my daughter, and generations to come.”


Watch the video below to learn more about our heart and our call to Belize.

TESTIMONY from night of worship

"There are no words to describe how moved I was to praise God without pride, without discrimination, just lifting my Jesus as we stood on Holy Ground.”


Watch the video below to see a recap of our most recent Mission Experience to Belize.

“There are truly not enough words to express how incredible my mission and calling to Belize has placed on my life. To start the team and board members are full of people who love and adore people. They value fellowship and ministering spiritual growth within others. I went into this trip telling myself to "to expect the unexpected" which anyone who knows me knows that that can be the quite the challenge for me. I am so glad I listened to that and allowed God to take full control of my heart that week that has changed my life in the best of ways. Opportunities I was nervous of became that much sweeter, familiar, and encouraging during my time in Belize. My confidence in sharing my story so that I can better relate and connect with others is so much greater. I will forever be thankful for saying Yes to God's plan and will.”

"I came into this trip not really knowing what to expect. I knew it would be hot, potentially very itchy, and full of a good family dynamic from the previous years of work and relationship building that had already occurred. What I didn’t know, was that I could be dripping sweat and still have goosebumps because of the tangible presence of God. I didn’t know that I could grow such a love for a specific place and specific people in such a short period of time. I didn’t know that through me sharing my testimony in ways I never have before, I could be healed from things I didn’t know I still needed healing from. I knew this trip was going to be amazing, I truly didn’t know it would change my life.”

testimonies from team members

28:19 Ministries activates believers to live in response to the great commission.

28:19 Ministries is on a mission to respond to the Great Commission by supporting education, meeting physical needs, and making disciples. Will you be a part of it?

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